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Minimizing Tension and Avoiding Conflicts Between Tenants and Their Neighbors

PMI Signature - Thursday, June 8, 2017

Landlords and property managers in the greater Richmond area are all too familiar with the tension and conflicts that oftentimes arise between your tenants and their neighbors.  However, when they have a respectful relationship, it can benefit the entire community.  Furthermore, when tenants and their neighbors have built good relationships, it makes the community safer. Unfortunately, not all tenants and neighbors “play nice” and some just can’t coexist peacefully.


This often, creates additional tension and leads to conflicts between the two parties.  In some cases, those conflicts can erupt into violent confrontations and require the police to intervene and restore peace in the neighborhood. These types of conflicts could’ve easily been minimized had the landlord or property manager acted responsibly and did some serious mediating, when the problem became apparent.

You can easily resolve any conflict or tension with the following 8 helpful tips:


  • Always practice attentive, proactive property management – Taking care of tenants proactively is a common practice among property management companies and should be yours as well.


  • Avoid problems by keeping pet messes under control – Remember pet-friendly rental policies need to be neighborhood-friendly as well.  


  • Be aware of local noise abatement ordinances – Tenants can quickly become angry when their neighbors are noisy.  


  • Clearly define your expectations and rental policies – Any actions that need to be taken, when a problem arises will not come as a surprise to the tenant.


  • Communicate clearly with tenants – Include their neighbors in the communication, if any issues with your property directly affect them.


  • Explain all noise rules and regulations – It’s well documented that noisy tenants are a problem for their neighbors and the source of conflict and tension.


  • Keep your properties maintained – This always helps maintain healthy relationships in the neighborhoods where your properties are located.


  • Screen tenant applications thoroughly – A rigorous screening process will ensure that you rent to better quality tenants.


Another important factor to consider is your attitude towards your tenants. Tension and conflict between tenants and their neighbors can be diffused much quicker when you have developed an open, friendly relationship with the neighbors near your property. In fact, it’s just as important as creating and maintaining a healthy relationship with those people that you lease or rent to. Positive relationships with tenants and their neighbors are the foundation for resolving any conflicts quickly and smoothly. However, most of the property management companies have their own legal team that will resolve the issues.


Furthermore, as a landlord or property investor, having a professional management team to manage your rentals is always a wise decision as it can make your life a lot easier and simpler, especially in matters like those above. Keep in mind that being a landlord isn’t for everybody. In most cases, property management companies utilize proven processes to help keep the peace between tenants and their neighbors.

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